Feedback Submission Writing Tips

Providing feedback may be new to you so please read these guidelines for best practices. 

  • Read the skill’s submission page. Not all pages will include detailed explanations, however, some skill builders may request specific feedback or issues they faced.
  • Be nice! Constructive criticism is welcome, but please be polite. We’re all in this together.
  • Learn the best practices of voice design
    • Be adaptable: Let customers speak in their own words and adapt to their situation.
    • Be personal: Individualize the experience, remember things that are unique to the customer.
    • Be available: Handle the variety of ways your customers may express an intent.
    • Be relatable: Converse with your customers, but do so concisely and help them understand exactly what they need.
  • Imagine yourself as a user. Would you use this skill again? Why or why not? What about the experience could be improved? How can the maker reach a bigger audience? What would make the skill more engaging? What would bring customers back for more?

Feedback Submission Template:

Feel free to use this template when writing your feedback submissions or to use your own format, but make sure that each submission offers unique and skill-specific feedback. Feedback submissions that are too generic or for skills that were not installed will be considered ineligible.

  • Would you use this skill again?: Strongly Agree / Agree / Neutral / Disagree / Strongly Disagree
  • Does the skill leverage API and developer features effectively?: Strongly Agree / Agree / Neutral / Disagree / Strongly Disagree
  • Functionality: Did the skill function as you expected? Explain.
  • Suggestions: What integrations or improvements would make a better user experience and why? How can the maker reach a bigger audience? What would make the skill more engaging to the user?
  • What I liked: What did you like about the skill? This could be the theme, the functionality, or the potential value to users, or something else. 

Remember to post your reviews as a comment on the skill’s submission page on Devpost before the deadline using the same Devpost username you provided on the initial application. This is how your feedback submissions will be tracked. Do not leave feedback submissions on any applicable skill detail page.